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The War for Talent Continues

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) April 5, 2008

Talent wars are being fought worldwide. Companies clash for top-quality candidates. Scott Pollak, senior manager and site leader of the Saratoga Institute, says, ?The emerging markets of Eastern and Central Europe, India, and China are growing substantially more than Western economies. They are competing on knowledge and expertise, not just cost.?

Needless to say, HR leaders foresee that recruiting won?t be easy this year. A recent survey found that it will be more difficult to recruit mid- to high- level employees in 2008 than in 2007.

It?s clear that fresh new ways to find, source, and retain top candidates are needed in this war for talent. The Australasian Talent Conference, held on April 14-16 in Sydney, Australia, will help organizations gain an edge in the labor market. Arbita, the Minneapolis Internet Recruitment Powerhouse, will be exhibiting at this 2008 event. Dedicated to streamlining recruitment for its customers, Arbita will contribute its knowledge to this gathering.

?The smarter use of technology to attract jobseekers is a must,? says Don Ramer, Arbita?s CEO. ?Competition for top talent is fierce. The conference will focus on these issues so that companies can get past recruiting challenges.?

About The Australasian Talent Conference:

The Australasian Talent Conference is an event established by recruiting experts from New Zealand, Asia, and the U.S. It?s a gathering designed to discuss workforce challenges.

In 2008, it will focus on attracting candidates from both inside and outside of a company.

About Arbita:

Since 1993 Arbita has posted jobs to job boards globally. It has provided services and recruitment advice to hundreds of customers. These include General Dynamics, eBay, Pfizer, and Cox Communications. Arbita partners with the HR-XML Consortium, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, and the International Association of Employment Web Sites or IAEWS. Arbita is based in Minneapolis, MN and is located at

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