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Citi Employees to be Given Day Each Year to Take Action on Personal Finances

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) November 13, 2007

Citi has announced a new employee benefit that will give its 2,700 Australian employees a day off each year to review and take action on their personal finances. Known as the ‘Citi Financial Health Day’, the initiative will be rolled out from January 2008 and is aimed at building a financially fit workforce.

Citi employees will be given a wide range of options to help them get to grips with personal financial management ranging from creating a basic savings plan and managing debt, to developing an investment portfolio and planning for retirement. Employees will be given time to visit finance professionals, attend seminars and generally engage in activities that assist them to proactively manage their finances.

Research conducted by Citi shows the average Australian worker spends around two hours per month managing their personal finances at work. This suggests people are selling themselves short by placing such a low priority on a topic of high importance. Citi aims to change this mindset by giving employees the opportunity to take a meaningful amount of time to attend to their finances instead of trying to slip it in during a lunch or coffee break.

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