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Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe, Kristin Stanford,The Island Snake Lady

Dirty Jobs – Mike Rowe – Kristin Stanford – The Snake Lady – This is the absolute best segment of Dirty Jobs (by Discovery Channel) ever! Mike Rowe, while helping Kristin Stanford (The Island Snake Lady) catch snakes on the shores of a Lake Erie island, gets bitten several times. It’s not so much the fact that he’s being bitten that makes it funny. No, it’s how he deals with it and the fact that she’s laughing at him the whole time. This only half of the segment.

25 Responses to Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe, Kristin Stanford,The Island Snake Lady

  1. akelachingadapues says:

    ja ja ja good job

  2. MrsFuller01 says:

    hahaha! this is so funny :))

  3. LoveMovies57 says:

    i love this parts! it sooo funny ever!! but i know it not funny because the snake bit him. but i can’t stop laugh. =D

  4. cobolt13 says:

    What da. ,…….,….,Whats the..point?……

  5. AngryLlamaz says:

    lol.. i don’t think i want to go out of my way to do that. but if you insist so much, i believe ya! however.. just be careful about what information you put on here!! it is dangerous..

  6. goofeylucy99 says:

    @AngryLlamaz well ok heres my proof go on facebook type in kristen standford click on the real on go to pictures and im in sll her family pictures but believe watch a wanna

  7. goofeylucy99 says:

    @AngryLlamaz yeah she is imma make a vid provoing it so dont test me

  8. goofeylucy99 says:

    @hisoka202 lol ill tell her that shes my aunt hehe no joke

  9. ChrisWuvCheese says:

    @hisoka202 i bet she love my 8ins snake too xD

  10. hisoka202 says:

    She’s hot

  11. hdcallaway says:

    @gokory He was joking about the similarity between Mike Rowe, and micro.

  12. AngryLlamaz says:

    prove it!! that isn’t your aunt

  13. AngryLlamaz says:

    she is so cute

  14. goofeylucy99 says:

    @darkhellspartan975 ok go on facebook and look up kristen stanford look at her friends list and find beth provost thats me . u could even writ her a message asking if its true theres ur proof

  15. darkhellspartan975 says:

    @goofeylucy99 alright. proove it XP

  16. goofeylucy99 says:

    @monkofkrayak um thats my aunt dude wtf?!?!??!?! ur such a perv

  17. goofeylucy99 says:

    @darkhellspartan975 well id o shez my aunt lol i can proove it to

  18. Crazee108 says:

    snakes aren’t slimy… don’t lie mike! =(

  19. PrinceRonaId says:

    lol my favorite part of this episode is when he gets bitten which is the reason i searched this episode

  20. saib717 says:

    @hoothoot800 How’s your dated ?

  21. hoothoot800 says:

    ive dated a girl named kristin

  22. gokory says:

    @hdcallaway he said “a micro”

  23. gokory says:

    sweet jesus snakes everywhere!!! i would have a sword at all times

  24. amp710252853 says:

    oooo nice move mike 1;94

  25. saav655 says:

    thats what she said….

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