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Best Careers 2009: Pharmacist Job Description

A pharmacists job isn’t limited to a pharmacy. A pharmacist career might entail working with doctors in a hospital or with researchers in a pharmaceuticals company. For a full pharmacist job description go to

25 Responses to Best Careers 2009: Pharmacist Job Description

  1. davehutchinson67 says:

    @bomberfun1 Well..I’m from Baltimore…and as for our share of emergencies..we have probably not. lol

  2. davehutchinson67 says:

    Pharmacists are ok…just over regulated like everything else..except banking. Banking needs more regs, not less. Doctors are the pushers….the new pushers….has anyone had a doctor do a simple mental health evaluation….NO, here’s the script…see ya next time.

  3. amiixuh says:

    @dchokee Some pharmacists know basic first aid, useful for taking care of bleeding, shock, etc, before paramedics arrive.

  4. bomberfun1 says:

    Why did you mention the emergency situation, bulshitting?

  5. TheMayoHELLO says:

    As long as you have sick people…your gonna need pharmacist.
    When people stop being sick then maybe then you should worry about the demand going low. Until then pharmacist will be needed.
    My teacher is a pharmacist and informed me about it.

  6. bnmvghjfyghjtyj says:

    try Latino women and success your lifz ****

  7. WorldOfBoomCraft says:

    I’m in grade 10 and I want to be a Pharmacist when I grow up :)

  8. saweet999 says:

    @eurofoti so if it sucks why keep working, u should have knew u just stand behind a counter selling viagra to old people and crams for ladies with vaginal infection.

  9. inashgyinas says:

    Why are you to come here online Naughty Woman

  10. eurofoti says:

    @123onzlo LOL! Thanks for your constructive critisism. You love helping people and getting paid for it? Sounds like EVERY job out there (all jobs are out to help people, being grocerers, mechanics, tutors, even prostitutes, etc and involve money).

    You’re also sound a little defensive, coupled with a serious complex that is quick to judge and swear on top. I hope you don’t behave like this with your customers. Oh, and you can’t spell swear words either. I wouldn’t want you to be my pharmacist.

  11. 123onzlo says:

    @eurofoti your a fuking prick stop puttin that on every pharmacy video.Im a pharmacist myself and I love my job i love helping people and the money is absolutely great. so hussh it!!

  12. eurofoti says:

    DONT CONSIDER PHARMACY! Check out my website when you google “Prick Pharmacy” and see all the stories of ballbreakers, shit shopgirls etc. Don’t be disillusioned by these crap info videos. If I had another shot in life, i would NOT be doing pharmacy.

  13. zionstatus says:

    dick move

  14. TheRagePassion says:

    @AWarlordsView Sorry, I was on my phone and couldn’t be bothered to add to T9. Regardless the fact remains it’s true, I know this for a fact considering my mom was a pharmacist.

  15. AWarlordsView says:

    YOU’RE* . Learn to spell before you try to teach me anything about the medical field.

  16. TheRagePassion says:

    @AWarlordsView NO your right, but you need to know all basic medical. Which is enough to wait for the EMT’s you dumb fuck.

  17. AWarlordsView says:

    You do not study everything a doctor does you dumb fuck.

  18. mds1303 says:

    This video only portrays retail pharmacists and doesn’t show the numerous other clinical settings.

  19. 01rubirosa says:

    The Best Medications economicmeds,com //

  20. Cessrooster1 says:

    @Leeeeeeeeeeeeeee25 had to thumbs up this. totally un-necessary but completely true comment. I’m moving to the USA just to have a chance of working with her.

  21. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeee25 says:

    i would do her

  22. StaceySplyce says:

    @bradicalable No problem. I’m relieved to see that you were kidding around, lol

  23. bradicalable says:

    @StaceySplyce Yes well i was originally just mucking around seeing how helpful someone would be when I spelt like that. Haha, ‘farmasist’. Yeah well anyway, thanks for trying to help :)

  24. TheRagePassion says:

    @dchokee You fucking idiot. Because being a pharmacists means you study everything a doctor does. And she was saying she was properly trained to take of the emergency until and EMT was able to arrive on scene.

    Think before you speak.

  25. StaceySplyce says:

    @bradicalable Well if you don’t go to school and you can’t spell then you’re probably not going to achieve your goal of becoming a pharmacist.

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