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Dirty Jobs: Geoducks

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this video it is property of the Discovery Channel Mike Rowe gets down and dirty with some geoducks

25 Responses to Dirty Jobs: Geoducks

  1. kockgunner says:

    Mike Rowe is a badass. The lady is so cute.

  2. miamiwax says:

    oprah can suck my geoduck

  3. xujiaen1 says:

    Yours is bigger than mine? Hahahaha…….

  4. AraGuitar says:

    i don’t know how gay this makes me… but i really want to eat one

  5. pyroyeal says:


  6. Antwnhs92 says:

    @808Hea lmao

  7. Antwnhs92 says:

    2:55 their matrix..

  8. valerie1315 says:


  9. halolord01 says:


  10. Masteroftrancegirl says:

    The hippies at the downtown should market these as natural douches!

  11. 808Hea says:


  12. 808Hea says:

    I thought it was pronounced JEE-OH-DUCK.

  13. AntalyaKaic says:

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  14. gigel2006 says:

    If you get one as a pet do you have to masturbate it everyday?

  15. littlemisswhat says:

    o_____o omg

  16. flukes777 says:

    A large Geoduck looks like my junk……only smaller:)

  17. dambo626 says:

    @Nato61 then go somewhere else and complain, don’t complain in front of people that kinda like his humor, cuz your just askin for negative comments. And you sound like a pathetic douchebag to me, but that’s just me.

  18. Nato61 says:

    Is it me? OR is the host of this show not funny at all and very sarcastic, like a douche. I would have been more interested in the goeduck but he aggravated me. I’ll research the goeduck elsewhere. Him and his penis refferences were just stupid and bad humor.

  19. kulyia says:

    @kulyia hey is that a geoduck in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?” lol

  20. kulyia says:

    “sure could Lucky devil” lmao

  21. ruthven78 says:

    @Webkinz88855 – that is what sashimi is the raw version of sushi… loose correlation

  22. ruthven78 says:

    @carlisiano – well certainly wouldnt improve the smell any

  23. ruthven78 says:

    @sizykk – its geoduck, look it up, everyone who knows, knows its do I know? Washington State Fish & Wildlife and every scientific location will use the GEO spelling when referring to the common name…again, look it up if you dont believe me

  24. ruthven78 says:

    @djajalabat – careful, they bite

  25. sizykk says:

    the fuck, it’s gooey ducks, not geo ducks

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