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6 Responses to BEST JOBS – Make MONEY On Computer

  1. MoreMoneyOnline2011 says:

    @ascencio11 huh? If you joined, I would have gotten an email and your user name would of been added to my list (unless there is some delay). And its not 12 bucks, its 10. Either way, you won’t and shouldn’t have been charged.

  2. ascencio11 says:

    i joined the 7 free day trial but its still charging me 12 bucks?

  3. MoreMoneyOnline2011 says:

    @ascencio11 If you want to cancel, you just call GDI on the phone and tell them you want to cancel. They will ask for your user name, and the secret code you entered when you register. Their phone number is on the sites public back end. I’ll also email it to you if you decide to join.

    However, I think once you try the 7 day trial you won’t want to cancel. After all, there ain’t anything else better on the net besides the same type of affiliate program imo

  4. ascencio11 says:

    How do u cancel after the free 7 day trial.

  5. MoreMoneyOnline2011 says:

    @ ianmylesmck well sorry my site is shitty. Hit show more and look at their official site. Like I said, they are part of the Direct Selling Association so you have no choice but to believe it.

  6. ianmylesmck says:

    Why don’t I believe this… Oh right, because a site that would have that high of a payout wouldn’t have a “.ws” domain and they sure as hell wouldn’t have that shitty website they have currently.

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