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Macworld New York 2001-The Apple Retail Store Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Apple Retail Store in Tysons Corner, VA.

25 Responses to Macworld New York 2001-The Apple Retail Store Introduction

  1. oooshitman9 says:

    Wow he is fat…Wow…I hope all that money can beat cancer.

  2. sharinganforum says:

    He seems so proud and enthusiastic

  3. ltunit says:

    who is his stylist? still the same shit today

  4. DrBukcake says:

    Who is the fat guy with the black sweater in this video? Where the hell is Steve Jobs?

  5. Mastado says:

    Nostalgia’d. Nostalgia’d hard.

  6. Rockstar110Percent says:

    TechnoBuffalo brought me here!

  7. kyandeiai says:

    this happy, acting steve gave me weird shutters.

  8. PianoScience says:

    Actually the Apple Store at Glendale Galleria is Apple Store #0001. The one in Virginia opened first because it’s in the East Coast.

  9. c3vzn says:

    The Mac screens don’t look like they are from 2001 at all though, they still seem modern now.

  10. Deedubau says:

    That’s amazing how the iPhone/iPod touch can be considered a replacement for the non Apple products they carried 10 years ago :)

  11. KaiserWilhelmIV says:

    Jippy Skippie, 5 different games! One product every 50 feet. Looks like an empty store with nothing to sell except overly priced rubbish that you can’t upgrade, rather you throw in the trash can and overpay for a new one because it comes in pastels and matches your cute jimmy choo’s while you drink fucking Starbucks at night looking like some metro sexual french mother fucker waiting around for hookups. The artificial nature of apple products is appalling. Status only,not practical.

  12. ltunit says:

    fat jobs

  13. ThePoacher1969 says:

    shit quality

  14. AaronD12a says:

    It’s been 10 years already? Where has the time gone?

  15. kkwik16 says:

    TechnoBuffalo sent me here

  16. dealer2005 says:

    No, Steve Jobs, You are a Genius !

  17. bboyspaz says:

    LOL. ahh the days of iBooks and Powerbook G4s….

  18. AchillesTheHedgehog says:


  19. kidcapri009 says:

    too bad it took until now for anyone to give a shit

  20. HLM190586 says:


    Well back in 2001, WI-FI is considered technological marvel.

  21. ididitfortehlulzrly says:

    Humble beginnings :)

    Nice video, especially to see it today after the Apple boom.

  22. NewYorkPixels says:

    Damn he’ s 33% thinner too!

  23. OviJade says:

    wow. the same black sweater? 😀

  24. thanhnha0706 says:

    wow just amazing. Steve Jobs did it and Apple did it. I will be your big fan ever and ever.

  25. TravelsSteveAndBarb says:

    Dude, this had to be at WWDC 2001, NOT Macworld Expo NY. WWDC was held in May of 2001, while Macworld Expo 2001 didn’t happen until July. Jobs also makes reference to “we’ll provide shelves for as much as you can write,” in reference to software being written by the developers in attendance.


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