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Dollar rally, jobs bill, death tax

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  1. NeMeImpuneLacessit says:

    @racheljoy8407, Hahahahahaha, I hope that your post was sarcasm. Paying more tax to reduce debt is like throwing gasoline on a fire to extinguish it, AS LONG AS THE MONEY YOU PAY IS FIAT CURRENCY. Watch ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ and get yourself an education.

  2. IlluminMindWorksWell says:

    Google- Executive order 6102
    Just a thought, I am not accusing or trying to mislead anyone for any reasons.

  3. racheljoy8407 says:

    i think we need a nation debt tax,it will be like federal an state tax,it will come out of our paychecks,and be a perment tax,and all that money goes paying down are debt,to coutrys we owe money to,like china,and have a bill statement everymonth showing who we paid each month, and i think its good for us,to chip in and pay down our debt to other coutry,the new debt tax is good

  4. MrGreatLakesBuffalo says:

    I’ll keep buying silver and gold.

  5. clemep says:

    @goodeljg : destroys small business and entrepreneurship too…

  6. goodeljg says:

    I guess you weren’t paying attention–>Estate tax destroys jobs.

  7. bobdole57 says:

    Well I’m going to have a serious thumbs downing session

  8. collapseisimminent says:

    I don’t think your wrong at all. I was simply answering your question as to why people are thumbs downing you.

  9. wlogan1977 says:

    Peter you lost me with the rant on “the estate tax.” Who gives a crap if a rich kid has to work for something. The tax doesnt even start till the 2 million dollar mark.

  10. brothermikefan says:

    @brothermikefan If we suddenly lost our gov’t and started paying a private company to run the country I would think they’d be considered a creator of “new wealth” because they’d be selling something on the market that we’d all need (administrative services.) How would it be any better than having a government creating that service?

    Also, could we trust everyone to send in their checks voluntarily to pay for this vital service? Isn’t taxation the most efficient and fair way to collect money?

  11. brothermikefan says:

    @brothermikefan Oh, okay. New wealth means there has to be a new widget on the market. What about new services? Doesn’t the govt fall under that category? We pay a certain amount of money to live in a country where the govt maintains a certain standard of living for everyone. If the govt stopped doing what it does we’d be paying some company in the private sector to do it anyway.

  12. brothermikefan says:

    @brothermikefan All the govt does is tax and spend. So naturally, all we do as taxpayers is pay for the things the govt spends on. If the govt spends money to give out flu vaccines then we are the ones that bought the syringes. See? Cha-ching. A sale was made over at Joe’s Syringe Shop. What’s the problem?

  13. brothermikefan says:

    @brothermikefan I’m always hearing that the govt doesn’t “produce” anything. Doesn’t it provide a “service” though? It collects money and administers it to other entities. Would you say a temp service “produces” anything or is it a paid middleman for monetary transactions between employers (taxpayers) and employees (social services)?

    And were you inferring that I hated the rich? I don’t know how you deduced that from my comment. Maybe you were speaking in general terms?

  14. kstaylor98682 says:

    New wealth is new goods or services created that have value and are marketable. For example, if an entrepreneur goes into business and makes something that people want, that new item he made is “new wealth.” Also, I wouldn’t say that taxes are a form of forced product sales. Taxes are nothing more than the government taking someone’s property and giving it to someone else. Also, I don’t understand this hatred toward the rich. They provide the means for everyone else to have better lives.

  15. brothermikefan says:

    kstaylor What is “new wealth?” Is it wealth from selling products domestically or just from exporting? If new wealth includes sales of products within the country then aren’t taxes a form of “forced” product sales? What’s wrong with that kind of new wealth? It’s created by the govt by forcing the rich to pay for things they buy like post-it notes, computers, and food for the poor. The compaines that supply the govt need “new wealth” too including the grocery stores that benefit from food stamps.

  16. Tressco says:

    I like the night-time ambience…

  17. kstaylor98682 says:

    School used to be much cheaper. In fact, it’s programs such as Federally insured student loans that make them so expensive because when school gets more expensive students borrow more money in order to pay for it. The schools don’t have to worry about not getting their money. Prior to this program, even a degree from Harvard was affordable.

  18. kstaylor98682 says:

    There are two primary reasons groceries are expensive, and we have your friend Roosevelt to thank for one of them. Farmers receive money from the government to NOT grow food, and by doing so maintain high prices. This began under Hoover, was part of the New Deal, and continues today. The second reason is due to inflation which affects food prices early on.

  19. kstaylor98682 says:

    Growth of wealth is what makes the middle class rich, not the transfer of it. Social Security was originally intended to be temporary, but is now a permanent fixture and has created a state of dependency on the government for those who use it. The FHA is harmful in that is removes the risk of lending for mortgages, and does so at the tax payers expense.

  20. kstaylor98682 says:

    There are a number of things. Primarily, it’s essential to understand first that the government itself has no means of producing an income with which to provides these public services. It must take the money from the public in the form of taxes. Therefore, no wealth is actually produced, it is merely taken from one place and transferred to another. Taking capital from a business, or taking capital from a person destroys means of creating new wealth in proportion to that which was taken.

  21. AtlasShruggery says:

    “there are things beneath the surface”

    What things? Please be specific.

  22. herzogsbuick says:

    @brothermikefan People who have things of their own want to share them. People who have only shared things, or through some kind of resistance receive what they have, turn pack rat/territorial and act like jerk offs not because they are jerk offs (like a jerk off capitalist would act like a jerk off because he’s a jerk off), but they act like jerk offs because of their situation.

  23. herzogsbuick says:

    lmao even as it was set up: “People fleeing Greek debt to Treasuries–“

  24. Chslosers says:

    It is just funny..

  25. kstaylor98682 says:

    On the surface it appears that things such as the GI Bill and VA and FHA loan programs grow or at least help the middle class by allowing them to buy homes, or in the case of the GI Bill go to college and get a job that pays better than they would otherwise get. However, there are things beneath the surface that show overall, these things have an overall negative effect on the economy, and actually hurt the middle class.

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