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Best Advice From Johnny Depp

This is the best live advice from Johnny Depp Inside The Actors Studio. This few sentences realy get into me and inspired me a lot. Hope u feel the same.

25 Responses to Best Advice From Johnny Depp

  1. Utube123xD says:

    He’s amazing! :)

  2. jannisita18 says:

    smart, misterious and handosme… waht else can you ask for? :)

  3. pinkmango14 says:

    my grandma told me the exact same thing! and i threw the rrock at her head! we’re twins

  4. awpman25 says:

    @wingnutz1976 and you aren’t

  5. wingnutz1976 says:

    He is brillaiant.

  6. insertemoticonhere says:

    Hahaha. This guy is crazy. 😀

  7. crazychic181 says:

    That is very good advice… It also works on crazy drunk boyfriends…

  8. rickmanfreak says:

    That’s a good advice :) And Johnny is so, I dont know.. he just seems so real when he says it! I do respect his work. :)

  9. pulsare21 says:

    he his so right..don’t listen to what people tell you because they usuly tell you negative things. “you cant be an actor you to old now” or you need to need to Attend top notch drama and performing arts to be cast in movies” its all just need to take a acting classe and go out there and meet people that are in the biz. don’t listen to no one! just do it as you wish.

  10. koppchuck says:

    @psychoLOLLIES lol

  11. Thecriticguy16 says:

    He is a very kind person, this vid might not show it but he seroiusly is a one of a kind family man, if you heard what he did for the kids at the hospital.

  12. bahaanaldo says:

    @psychoLOLLIES Yeah, and the lady at 31 seconds hah.

  13. TehSorso says:

    The crowd is really fucktard with their laughing and Depp knew it.

  14. P3sc says:

    @psychoLOLLIES And she looks like Jennifer Aniston ;P

  15. Gentilseulement says:

    I am going to try this innovative technique with the rock when someone is bugging me.

  16. oleseun says:

    omg he is soooooooo sxc nd hottt

  17. inhibitors says:

    That’s all fine and well Johnny, but what about the boots?

  18. TheSuperstar46 says:

    omg he’s so hot 😮

  19. SmashingPumpguns says:

    @OTRFalcon for suuure. *ironical*

  20. workingclasssociety says:

    Don’t sell out like a lot you Hollywood chumps do

  21. fields4president says:

    @i b a rock 1 Thanks. It took a while for me to find the site, but there are cool photos of a lot of celebrities. Two thumbs up.

  22. fields4president says:

    Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of neat photos of celebrities. I tried copying and pasting the link, and it took me a few seconds to figure out why it wasn’t working. Why does you tube not allow links (rhetorically)?

  23. OTRFalcon says:

    @SmashingPumpguns Like Justin Bieber.

  24. KingButternutsRox534 says:

    Happy Birthday, Johnny! ^_^

  25. Stinkyfart says:

    0:50 “Yeay Mom!”

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