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Steve Jobs Full Interview @ 2010 D8 w/Mossberg Pt 2

Candid interview with El Stevo where he gives his opinions about Google, Microsoft, Gizmodo, and Flash. In its entirety, 10 parts.

19 Responses to Steve Jobs Full Interview @ 2010 D8 w/Mossberg Pt 2

  1. Morriusvids says:

    @tmsdonline You could use exactly the same argument for HTML5 though (HTML5 games are plentiful and growing) and yet Apple are pushing HTML5 at every opportunity.

  2. Morriusvids says:

    Regardless of whether you like Apple or not, HTML5 is clearly better than flash.

  3. jalarm27 says:

    guys I am always pro android and anti apple, but flash sucks on all my devices….

  4. Eninety2 says:

    @tmsdonline I think that is a part of the reason but not the entire reason. Flash has more than a handful of drawbacks from a performance standpoint. Besides, where are all of these flash games on other mobile devices?

  5. tmsdonline says:

    Oh come on, the real reason iOS has no flash is that not only are many paid iOS games based on flash games accessible for free online, but Apple would lose the ability to control third-party flash games that run in the browser in the way they do with the App Store.

  6. Thegoob95 says:

    This lady asks terrible questions

  7. MADMANx511 says:

    Anybody else not concerned about Flash support? Sure, in the begging of the iPhone there were plenty of Flash holes on websites viewed on iOS devices. Now, however, I haven’t come across any Flash holes on sites.

  8. Omhyr says:

    Steve Jobs is a genius speaker…He knows how to TALK. this makes him the right leader of apple.

  9. Db3st0794 says:

    google. “youtube html5″ its on like beta mode.

  10. AvinashParnandi says:

    Boy, he is so passionate.

  11. mightyafrowhitey says:

    it’s amazing how much his physical appearance has changed just within the last few years. he doesn’t even look like the same person. even his voice is different. it’s much higher…

  12. Guesswhokk says:

    Job is good at futures product & future user, but not for the current user for transition. thousands of developers would immeditely loose millions on jobs say so. It is easier to kill off flash for developers, but the market need steady tranition.

    wouldn’t u be annoyed if u bought a dvd player to watch movie and one day “All” dvd disc are no longer available in store and have replaced with bluray disc but without a bluray player to play with?

    btw serial to usb didn’t change overnight

  13. bendlor says:

    go microsoft

  14. id1337x says:


  15. bistrosidecar says:

    @Khumarcool In fairness, Steve really respects Walt. He quotes him at loads of his keynotes.

  16. Khumarcool says:

    Fuck you, the guy interviewing jobs. who do u think you are? u are no where near jobs. and dont even act like you are 0:57 FUCK YOU

  17. tutorialconr says:

    Thanks so much for uploading. You’ve done a great thing to humanity 😛

  18. sarthaksteve says:

    Thanks for uploading.

  19. thanhpluv says:

    Yeah, Adobe is like crying about the flash things on the press…

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