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Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg

After gym doctors confirmed the injuries were career-ending, Johnson’s trainers said there was no reason to keep her alive.

25 Responses to Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg

  1. justminh1199 says:

    Lol, I can’t believe people don’t know about The Onion…they make fake news so calm down jeez.

  2. litnut says:

    @potamas1 It was a joke.

  3. potamas1 says:

    Omg!!!! So this is why I haven’t heard anything bout Shawnee johnson???!!!!! This is the stupidest thing ever! Why would u euthanise someone just because they broke their knee and can’t do gymnastics anymore. Seriously!

  4. litnut says:

    @exileddemonangel – You completely missed the humor of this. Wow.

  5. GenieandHammie says:

    fake and gay! jkjk

  6. exileddemonangel says:

    So the solution to any physical dysfunction is euthanasia, right? We should tell that to all the handicapped people because they absolutely have no purpose in life but to regret how their limitations doesn’t let them keep their dream careers, specially during youth when they have more time to find their other potentials…But seriously, these people should be euthanized to relieve them from having a handicapped mind to realize that a ruined leg and life career is not the end of the world!

  7. eddehbearrr says:

    what the fuck is this shit, fucking fucked up yanks

  8. nejihyuga901 says:

    I laughed at this video, because i’m not an attenton seeking asshole 😀

  9. ps2nolimits says:

    haha, good stuff as always, and with plenty of the overly serious comments to boot.

  10. tabitha975419 says:

    WHAT THE HELL stop freaking lying that is not fair if anyone is lying its u guys!!!!!!! u guys are just jealous if a gymnast is hurt they rnt going to kill them they will just take them out till they r better get it through ur freakn minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. anthonyy46 says:

    this is made me cry and I hate myslef

  12. spartanburg1234 says:

    i lol’d

  13. Vampira0714 says:

    Even if it is fake you shouldn’t fake a persons death that is just not right for sure when they were acting like she was a dog hello lame jerks that is all I have to say

  14. scottsanne363636 says:

    Aren’t those the same parents from the python eating the toddler? And wake up people its fake calm the f$%k down

  15. jamieblond1 says:

    @logansGT Lol… saw the movie too, huh?

  16. logansGT says:

    @jamieblond1 Didn’t she tell you not to call her ‘Shirley?’

  17. supersprings100 says:

    disgusting pigs! how fucking dare you

  18. jamieblond1 says:

    @Marizzle98 “This is FAKE?” Shirley you jest!

  19. gymnasticsgirl123412 says:

    And also her parents would probably be crying in the interview

  20. gymnasticsgirl123412 says:

    I know really iv seen her parent and that’s not them and she did an interview that shes going to do the 2012 olimpics

  21. Marizzle98 says:

    @jamieblond1 Don’t you get it? First of all, the “parents” in the video arent even shawns real parents!! And all they seem to care about was that her career was over, they don’t even care that shes their daughter!! And they should be willing to sacrifice anything to make her life better, and work hard to get the money to make her better, not just euthanize her!! This is FAKE!

  22. jamieblond1 says:

    @gnjolly You don’t sound very jolly, gn :o)

  23. jamieblond1 says:

    @Marizzle98 I’m impressed with your ability to speak a second language, but I can’t understand how someone, who’s smart enough to learn French, is so unwilling to accept the truth about poor Shawn’s early demise.
    Just remember, having her put down was the best thing to do, because she would have suffered a chronically painful life.
    Not only would it be painful physically, but not being able to compete in gymnastics, especially the Olympics, would be more than she could bear mentally.

  24. gnjolly says:

    i’ve seen her in 2011 u r some fucked up little liars i can’t believe how cruel u r to lie about that. fuck u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. yeebeascurvydawg says:

    @apankau2 no, it’s showing how fucked up the world of gymnastics is, you goddamned mouthbreather

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