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Bo Jackson “The Greatest Athlete Ever” HD Must See Best Clips

The Best HD Footage From The Career Of The Greatest Athlete To Ever Live “Bo Jackson”

25 Responses to Bo Jackson “The Greatest Athlete Ever” HD Must See Best Clips

  1. jesselepre says:

    As a kid, I saw Bo Jackson play when he was with the Chi Sox . When he ran onto the field his uniform didn’t even fit. I remember his calf muscles looked like boulders. His pregame workout made the other players look tired just by watching.

  2. feyd8194 says:

    Bo shoulda stuck with baeball only. altho his football highlights are fun to watch. barring injury Bo would be the first and only man to be a hall of famer in two pro sports

  3. WILDCATS1274 says:

    Bo Jackson is the best

  4. 2872athena says:


  5. dadog012 says:

    not to mention that before the football season he had just played a complete 162 game baseball season and just had a week to rest up before football.

  6. writofmandamus says:

    0:13 is that 50 cent?

  7. H2HOtex says:

    @diamondbreaker23 Not to mention he was a one man army in his days with Dallas. He had a highlight reel every game. Just the Cowboys were not winning those years

  8. hardcorehouse says:

    A FREAK, even in comparison to all-time best RBs. Baring longevity, he has to be there at the top with Jim Brown as best ever.

  9. slydawg221 says:

    @BoKnowsTheHall and maybe jim brown.

  10. VikingsFanRich says:

    Great video !!! ….. Thanks !

  11. lbaker215 says:

    @BJJHomos He did not Juice you are an idiot read his book he did not lift a weight till college.

  12. lbaker215 says:

    @kagescar He still holds NFL Records almost 20 years later you are a damn fool. He is the Best Athlete ever he should be in the Hall of Fame period

  13. raiderchampion says:

    He is the definition of a hall of famer. It is 2011 and we are still watching highlights and talking about him. There needs to be a different way of voting for HOF players because there are alot of Raider haters thAt are getting to vote. You shouldn’t bash someone for being on a certain team. Example Tom Flores, Ray Guy, Ken stabler, Jim plunkett, Tim Brown shouldn’t have to wait a second more to get in, I could go on forever, so he he has my vote.

  14. diamondbreaker23 says:

    whick Herschels time in the USFL was clearly a marketing ploy to boost the popularity of the new organization in its infant stages. Herschel then went on to put up 10,000 yards in the NFL, which for those of you fucking idiots who don’t know, is a lot of fucking yards. If you were to combine Herschel’s 10,000 yards with his USFL stats, I believe he would be sitting at 2nd or 3 rd on the NFL’s all time leading rushers list. Don’t be mad that Hersch has more yards than times you have beat off.

  15. diamondbreaker23 says:

    There should be an intelligence test administered to anyone who want to post something on youtube. 72% of the posters are fucking morons. Bo Jackson is one of the greatest athletes that has ever lived. Also, people talking shit about Herschel Walker fit into the 72% of morons I alluded too earlier in my post. Herschel played 4 or 5 seasons in the USFL before going to the NFL, His seasons in the USFL, which let me clarify is PROFESSIONAL football were breath taking. After his tenure in the USFL

  16. ewilli99 says:

    well in football.

  17. ewilli99 says:

    he is in the hall of fame.

  18. donnie4393 says:

    @BoKnowsTheHall Bo just didn’t play enough and if he were to play at least 6 to 8 seasons i would agree with the hall of fame. It is fair he would not be a inductee to the hall of fame. Now the one that should be in canton is roger craig running back that played for the niners. He is not yet in and should be. The knock on him is the consistency. He had one outstanding year in 1985.

  19. waltgau2 says:

    @kagescar First of all, it’s Ray Lewis. Secondly, he killed a guy and got away like O.J. How is he more deserving than the greatest athlete of all time, Bo jackson?

  20. laxrugbyfootball says:

    holy shit. its a shame he got injured..

  21. tubapizza says:

    Buck O’Neil was a scout for the Cubs and Royals, after playing and managing in the Negro Leagues. He said, in Ken Burns’ “Baseball” series, I think, he could tell when Babe Ruth was batting–the contact had a sound. He heard that sound only two other times over his 90 or so years–one was Josh Gibson, the other Bo. Bo truly was electric…KC fans were shocked and upset that he signed with the Raiders, for several reasons. He cost himself the best baseball career of anyone, but he was true.

  22. inkdupshawty10 says:

    true story: Bo caught from behind. lmao thats a funny headline

  23. inkdupshawty10 says:

    true story: Bo caught from behind. lmao thats a funny healine

  24. sashaspapa says:

    Here’s a case where statistics just don’t tell the whole story. George Brett is a Hall of Famer who deserves to be in the hall and who personally won the Royals many games,but Bo…. Bo was just electric, and George was not. In fact no one – NO ONE – was as electric as Bo in either baseball or football. Again, statistics just don’t convey the feel of the stadium when Bo stepped into the batters box or stole a base or outran every DB in a football game. Bo – the greatest athlete ever.

  25. NC3866 says:

    @BoKnowsTheHall i agree and im a herschel fan myself, hell hes from my town but Bo was just great. he was on top of the world in two sports. It’s sad he had to end his career early.

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