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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Highlight

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Highlight

25 Responses to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Highlight

  1. 31337longboard says:

    atlease both gates and jobs have class

  2. mutawi3i says:

    badest interviewsters ever

  3. DavidJavid says:


  4. SafeMyThMan says:

    Opening Gates for more Jobs :-)

  5. ciganskovic says:

    linus torvalds should also sit there!

  6. iliescosmin says:

    Bill to Steve:Remember when we had lots of kids in our basement?
    Steve to Bill: Yes
    Bill to Steve: Me too
    *Funny face*

  7. itszerogs says:

    The both of them should make an epic computer! It will be EPIC!!!! The Apple look, the Windows software

  8. elasticrubberband123 says:

    while apple was working on a bigger ipod (ipad)

    microsoft was working on touchscreen tables

    youtube surface

  9. DRostie1 says:

    I like PC guy better… the other guy I just want to pop in the kisser! Is she high? And why not cut Steve Jobs off one more time Kara ? Swisher… BRUTAL!
    Who ever made the decision to let this babbling idiot interview two of the most influential brains to grace our planet is beyond me… (Epic Fail)
    Made the interview very tough to watch… What a waste… Canada…urgh…

  10. liamvg says:

    You see Steve rub his nose when he brought up tablets…”we’re working on some things we can’t talk about”…

  11. creeperthatcouldfly says:

    Lol why is everyone criticizing steve jobs!?

  12. whatzituya55 says:

    @Deregor09 *tension

  13. ObamaGoesPostal says:

    look at steve jobs stupid smile, he’s such a toolbag

  14. ARKAtheist says:

    @kreg001 You’re talking about the guy who puts out a white computer every 6 months and calls it brand new…

  15. raweezywar says:

    @TheBoogge steve aint a meanie :)) he just have charisma :))

  16. TheBoogge says:

    @raweezywar ya man bill gates is nice and too smart in this time like he is ahead of the time…of our tech lol in sweet time bill will come back and poop on steve jobs for steve is a meane lol

  17. raweezywar says:

    @TheBoogge me too lol

  18. TheBoogge says:

    @raweezywar i think bill is professor X and steve is magneto!

  19. chillinur36 says:


  20. kreg001 says:

    i everytime see steve jobs in black T-shirt and blue jeans… why this guy doesnt want to buy himself a new piece?

  21. mymichellegunsnroses says:

    Bill Gates: I went to the bank to talk about a loan yesterday.
    Steve Jobs: Why do you need a loan?
    Bill Gates: I don’t. The bank does 😉

  22. kreg001 says:

    steve gates… bill jobs…

  23. Harelgur says:

    @FreedInsanity together theyre god

  24. apathyy says:

    i love how some people here cite “viruses” as a justification to pay that extra 500 bucks for the same hardware. people who admit that apple has a “brand factor” i can respect, but the ignorant ones who champion Apple for its “superior OS” and “better security” are just talking out of their ass. the former is based solely on preference, and the latter is just downright false. Apple has always been easier to hack.

  25. phuphroo says:

    @TheWindowsfan00 no one is gonna take you seriously when you have a name like windowsfan

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