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Epic Anderson Silva Tribute 2011

An Epic Tribute Featuring the Best of Anderson Silva to 2011. This video features most of his fights including his ShootoBox match which set off his career. Compiled by me LeGuardian . All video and audio Rights and Copyrights are owned by their respective artists. Songs in order. “Tempest Wake” – Blizz Ent. “Defenders of Azeroth” – Blizz Ent “Journey” – Styles of beyond “Cant be Touched” – Roy Jones Jr. “Second to None” – Styles of beyond “Its a Fight” – Three Six Mafia “Lord Give me a Sign” – DMX

25 Responses to Epic Anderson Silva Tribute 2011

  1. loves2sploosh says:

    @HomesliceDrummer yea your prob right,

  2. 1maartenbaas1 says:


  3. blakamp3 says:

    Ahhh il et trop bon silva !!

  4. boost2jz says:

    Don’t have to like em but better show some respect for Anderson Silvaaaa!

  5. MrCrazycesar says:

    best fighter ever.

  6. mozee4078 says:

    Wat song is dis

  7. EvandroRamos1001 says:


  8. Helldozer55 says:

    Fucking sick video holy shit

  9. xwabafetx says:

    great video!!! am i the only one who was impressed with his fight against damian maia??

  10. lilweezy995 says:

    andreson silva G.O.A.T

  11. chitluk1 says:

    if segal taught him that front kick, why was he doing it way back then

  12. alexHiphop4Life says:

    28 sonnen fans dislike this

  13. HomesliceDrummer says:


    Never. GSP would be stupid to sign for that fight. He’d get raped like everyone else.

  14. mrdizo says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing anderson silva in a dark alley maybe get his autograph, I wouldnt however would want to see anyone from detroit in a dark alley, you know shits most likely goin down.

  15. JesseMMA91 says:

    Awesome fucking video!

  16. Gyamfi4 says:

    i want that shirt 6:40

  17. skyjuke2006 says:

    never seen a greater athlet than anderson the spider silva

  18. loves2sploosh says:

    any body know when gsp and anderson fight

  19. nnas0501 says:

    who really think gsp want it??? — usually i wouldnt even mention his name in the presence of greatness but just to silence all critics, i think we need 2 start digging his grave so andy silva can put him in it.

  20. Fox777Racer says:

    Best fucking fighter to ever come through the UFC.

  21. ronQP says:

    should add the weigh in pic where anderson wears a mask and then gets in belforts face

  22. llRaoni says:

    kkkk esse tinha ki c TIMÃO ppohaaa

  23. 1014alexandre says:

    Esse é do Timão pohha !

  24. ajax76065 says:

    Best video to watch before training

  25. 123tb2434 says:


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