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Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwons Greatest Hits

The greatest hits of my favorite best center ever in the nba, all time leading blocks leader, hakeem olajuwon

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  1. JerryMyersTV says:

    with those dream shake moves , Hakeem hided a lot of traveling 6:53

  2. youz1uglybish says:


  3. Franchiseplay says:

    wow, as big a fan of Olajuwon as i am, watching this with my 5 year old was like man. This dude was amazing

  4. dsharpshooter87 says:

    20 people never had a Dream.

  5. Texanwil07 says:

    i agree one of the best all time players ever its was priviledge to see him play!!!!!!!

  6. verasglass says:

    if michael jordan became 7 ft tall..he would be like Akeem..

  7. arronnov says:

    @FuShengAlex Russell was on his last legs. What do you think Wilt was on? If I’m correct that was Wilt first yr with the Lakers with all knew players playing a Boston team who’s been together and won championships. I keep harping on this but the Celtics had a better team.

  8. FuShengAlex says:

    arronnov ….There’s no excuse for Wilt in ’69. West had arguably the greatest NBA Finals in history, they had a 3-2 lead against Boston. Russell was on his last legs. Wilt didn’t bring it that year. He was brought over to end the Celt curse and that didn’t happen until 1985.

  9. pongaloid says:


  10. arronnov says:

    @n0rwalkc0ws07 I’m not saying Wilt’s teams were terrible. Those Celtic Russell teams were just better over all. They got so use to winning against them that they knew no matter how good Wilt was he was not going to beat us all by himself.

  11. n0rwalkc0ws07 says:

    @arronnov One last note to think about. If Wilt’s teams were really that much worse than Russell’s, then why did Celtics need to beat Wilt’s teams in a game 7 four times(’62, ’65, ’68,’69)? The talent couldn’t have been that big of a difference.

  12. n0rwalkc0ws07 says:

    @arronnov You make it sound like Wilt played LeBron James 2007 Cavs team. Wilt started his career playing for a team with Paul Arzin(10 straight All-Stars), Tom Gola(Hall of Famer, 5 straight All-Stars), Guy Rodgers(4 straight All-Stars) and the 58′ Rookie of the year Sauldsbery. Obviously not team “names” wise that Celtics ended up having, but it’s not like Wilt was playing with trash his entire career. He started off with multiple All-Stars and a hall of Famer and ended with 2 of the best ever

  13. arronnov says:

    @n0rwalkc0ws07 Russell didn’t let Wilt get anything! Like I said Russell had the better team. One man will not beat a better team no matter how dominate.

  14. n0rwalkc0ws07 says:

    @arronnov So Russell would let Wilt get the only thing he ever really wanted which was numbers, but stats, experts, fans from that time all agree that, when it came down to winning or losing, Russell would dominate Wilt to ensure his team a victory.Something that happened routinely. Also the talent (key word: talent, mostly on paper) on both teams were relatively equal. So the “dominant” player should have won more often than not, yet Russell record vs Wilt is 84-58.

  15. arronnov says:

    @n0rwalkc0ws07 Russell never stopped Wilt in the playoffs or reg season. Russell played on better teams. The important words is better teams.

  16. n0rwalkc0ws07 says:

    @arronnov Wilt’s scoring numbers numbers vs Russell were lower than his career numbers. It was widely reported Russell would play “possum” because Wilt was obsessed with stats and once the game got close Russell would take over in the 4th and that would be it. Wilt’s head to head scoring #’s are higher, but that’s partly because Wilt was his team’s primary scoring option whereas Russell was 4th or 5th on his. Yet come playoff time, Russell’s scoring #’s would jump whereas Wilt’s would go down.

  17. arronnov says:

    @n0rwalkc0ws07 Russell never dominated Wilt. Matter of fact stats wise he dominated Russell. Now Russell teams constantly beat Wilt team and that was the only domination. You better go check the numbers because nobody stopped Wilt just like Shaq. Shaq was ever bit as dominating as Wilt. He was physical unstoppable.

  18. CarlosShowroom says:

    thank u for this video

  19. n0rwalkc0ws07 says:

    @arronnov You can’t even count Blocks or Steals in the equation since both weren’t recorded until AFTER Russell’s playing career. Most “experts” believe Russell would have easily been tops in the league in both categories. Hakeem is definitely a top Center in NBA history, but to suggest he was defensively on the level of Bill Russell is taking it a tad to far. Yes Hakeem faced better talent, but Russell routinely dominated Wilt Chamberlin. None of the guys Hakeem faced were close to Wilt’s level

  20. benJJAMMIN says:

    Best player in the 90’s not named “Michael Jordan”

  21. arronnov says:

    @n0rwalkc0ws07 What do you mean Hakeem was never a Russell. Hakeem is 1# blocks all time and 7# steals all time in NBA history.A center having that many steals speaks for itself. The athletes are better in the past 25 yrs then when Russell played the game. Hakeem played against bigger and more athletic big men. Shaq Robinson Ewing Parrish and etc could not stop Hakeem on the Offensive end of the court.

  22. arronnov says:

    @tastycajun0381 He was that good! To me he was the best basketball player I every seen.

  23. notafaker says:

    Pause at 2:10 This will not end well

  24. DrAznmuff says:

    hakeem might not have been the greatest center ever, but he was almost certainly the smoothest.

  25. tastycajun0381 says:

    1:45 W….T…..F is this dude really a SEVEN FOOT CENTER? No wonder when I was a kid people were going ape-shit over him in my hometown of Houston.

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