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– Careers – James Mandell, Voiceover LA

This week in careers host Lisa Johnson Mandell is joined in studio by a very familiar face, her husband James Mandell. But don’t worry this is a business call as he helps shed light on the realities of looking for work in the voiceover industry in the wake of the enormous popularity of the homeless youtube sensation Ted Williams. Let’s not forget the reason his video went viral is because of his incredible voice and story which is one in a million but even so there are interesting jobs and careers that can be found in the voiceover industry and James is quick to point out the most important factor is hard work. For more information, show notes, and upcoming schedule, go to

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  1. happyastrogirl says:

    I believe that Lisa is not G-D-lady.
    they are so cute couple & I understand why guys like her, she is alway happy and might has a brain :)

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