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Hot trend, cool job:  Core Banking Transformation

Hot trend, cool job: Core Banking Transformation


Core banking transformation is focused on modernizing legacy processes and systems and enabling banks to deliver products and business capabilities with more agility and efficiency.

Many banks struggle to deal with legacy and this is leading to a hot trend and some very cool roles related to banking transformation.  Architects, project managers, developers and analysts are all finding challenging and rewarding roles on these multi year programmes.

Some liken a core banking transformation programme to the equivalent of changing out a Boeing 747’s engines — while the aircraft is in flight.  Others say that these programmes are like performing an open heart surgery — while the patient is running a marathon.  In any case it sounds like a great challenge and a specialized skill that is in high demand.

So what does it take to be part of one of these initiatives?  Here are some attributes:

  • Business Expertise:  in banking processes with both experience in the traditional concepts and an open mind to new ideas
  • Technical Expertise:  in packages and systems related to banking
  • Architecture:  this is a key planning, strategy and design role to make sure that the new platform works and achieves it’s goals
  • Leadership:  these are challenging initiatives that will test even the strongest leaders
  • Tenacity:  moving forward and making progress will take plenty of this attribute on these complex activities

If you still think that sounds like fun and you have an interest in learning more about this hot trend and cool job check out and for more information.  If you are experienced in this area, what do you think?  Is it a hot trend?  Is it a cool job?  Register on the site and post your comments!


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