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Alligator Snapping Turtle Dirty Jobs

Alligator Snapping Turtle Dirty Jobs Discovery Channel

25 Responses to Alligator Snapping Turtle Dirty Jobs

  1. Calion104 says:

    this guy soo awesome! he looks like a living pokemon, plus its older than you dad.. how cool is that!

  2. karolybahri says:

    I like turtles, but in nature. I don’t think that an animal feel good stocked in a little place with somebody pulling and pushing it.

  3. rgur90x says:

    lol at 0:35 sound effect

  4. WolfTsu3042 says:

    thumbs up for searching theslimysquid turtle on skateboard

  5. pac6010 says:

    lol musket balls from the civil war ? O rly ? And what excatly made you think they where acually from the war and not some hick way back when that wanted to eat a turtle.

  6. SH0CK3I2 says:


    little tortoise: “Fuck yeah”

  7. TheJacobsaccount says:

    dude the noob said guestmate

  8. TheJacobsaccount says:

    @cyralho haha right

  9. MeltyColor says:

    Hey yo TURTLE!

  10. cyralho says:

    @DayLight95 thanks, im rly proud of myself right now.

  11. DayLight95 says:

    @cyralho nice job posting this on multiple videos…

  12. ronniereiff says:

    He points at a fucking little turtle and says “what is that” humm i wonder

  13. 6400loser says:

    God damn, that turtle weighs more than I do!

  14. flynt00 says:

    mongoloidi !

  15. EzraMurdock115 says:

    LOL I like how the alligators leave it alone.

  16. BobertEntertainment says:

    1:23 “RAPE!”

  17. pavoman3 says:

    Just Wait…Let him charge his lazer!

  18. RayeDrgn says:

    the aligators wont even mess with that thing lol.

  19. DINOSHREDDER says:

    Oh god damn Blastoise and Feraligatr fused.

  20. TheAntvark says:

    be careful he might shoot you with his gamma rays

  21. kougasonlygirl says:

    i can’t even imagine how painful it would be to get bitten by one of those ;___;

  22. regularguy97 says:

    follow steps to play snake
    2.go to 0:00
    3.hold left arrow for at least 2 seconds
    4. press up arrow
    5.have fun
    6.thumbs up
    7. check out ma channel

  23. cadetkb says:

    anybody else notice the rooster/chicken in the background?

  24. ethan1336 says:

    I like turtles and blastoise jokes are pretty unoriginal and not funny anymore. Bye.

  25. GamerEJC says:

    What a camper!

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