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More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

A new Department of Labor report finds personal outsourcing is revolutionizing how Americans dont do their own work.

25 Responses to More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

  1. shoshenkis says:


  2. waterDrinker13 says:

    according to the filipino team that filled out the department of labour’s report..

  3. Devildriver763 says:

    And I know this is only a joke, but wen you think about it, it’s true in the sense that businesses are looking for cheap labor.

  4. Devildriver763 says:

    That’s not funny, that’s fuckin’ sad.

  5. optimistsRUS says:

    I expected a little better from the Onion, Jahanara is a female name, not a male name. I don’t think there are many Black people in Afghanistan (if any) that look like the man shown as “Ahmed Khalili,” most Afghans are as white as the white European and American invaders.

  6. groam6666 says:

    The worlds poorest man, Ahmed Khalili of Afghanistan will be doing 83% of the globes work. That is some funny shit :)

  7. ironmantis25 says:

    lol, I am so glad that i am an american

  8. ChineseAtheist says:

    fucking lazy bastards

  9. superdumbshit says:

    Funny Funny Funny

  10. tianyou546 says:

    @DhaenensG No, it’s not. I outsourced my own job 5 months ago, and it’s great! The man I pay has a friend who needs work. I’ll hook you up if you want.

  11. snakedemon11 says:

    Dont think that someone won’t do this! DONT DOUBT IT!!

  12. Shargrailar says:

    ” A new study finds the meth epidemic is hitting worthless Americans hardest.”
    Sooooo wrong!

  13. VivekRajcoomar says:

    @junkie4vids “Congress and´╗┐ the House should be outsourced.”
    i agree! outsourced to the people!
    it’s time WE THE PEOPLE took back our country.

    we must develop a system where we can freely vote to elect one of our own to represent us and look out for our interests, as opposed to some politician deciding for us.
    i will never understand how america hates it’s gov’t so much even tho they elected them to office.
    and then they try spread democracy overseas.

  14. DhaenensG says:

    This is a joke right?

  15. monikaa637 says:

    Call sexy girl just now

  16. 26thZerk says:

    @DoubleGlog It was relevant, the average IQ never changes, there is nothing to discuss further.

  17. DoubleGlog says:

    @26thZerk And you responded to a month old complaint without any valid views of the relevant arguement. I applaud your wit.

  18. youngeebs says:

    @AmericanMale1953 your a fucking pussy

  19. AmericanMale1953 says:

    This is STUPID, steal from one country because the “cost of living” is different. I call it Cannabilism.

  20. 26thZerk says:

    @DoubleGlog People like YOU are the reason they have to renormalise the IQ curve all the time. The average IQ is always exactly 100.

  21. Hobinator17 says:

    im just too poor and stupid to do anything these days except watch nascar

  22. djjimi says:

    Ironically, this isn’t entirely fiction.

  23. DXSXDXSXD says:

    No, no, this is very real

  24. rcvideogamer says:

    thats actually a very good idea

  25. GowanBray says:

    This nearly killed me, watch at your own risk !!!

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