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The best jobs for lazy people?!

I was caught off guard by a google type ahead today.  I started typing “the best jobs for” and one of the top searches is “the best jobs for lazy people” — lazy people? FTW?

Are we seeing a new movement here where lazy people are proud and united in their efforts to do less for more?

I can understand being secretly lazy.  I’ve seen closet laziness before.  But open, unabashed full-on laziness is a new concept to me.  Search engine search terms are a window into the truth, and the truth is some self described lazy people are looking for jobs that suit their laid back work style.

This article identifies the best jobs for lazy people.. but I don’t know, I’ve seen people do some of these jobs and I’m not sure that I agree.  School teacher is listed here, but I don’t think I could manage a single day at the front of some of the classrooms that I attended.

5 Responses to The best jobs for lazy people?!

  1. Harshad says:

    I am confused with this entire funda… wanna be lazy.. cozyy… but this all stuff is so complex… seems heed a HELP DESK to make it understand.

  2. Kabir says:

    Lazy people find lazy job cause which ever criteria it is they find it lazy…………
    it depends on person to make the job lazy………..

  3. anil says:

    where are the posts where one can get one lakh a month without leaving current job and party all night.

    hope to hear soon

  4. Sumit Kumar says:

    I am too lazy but I want to earn money.
    Can you provide me an easy job…

  5. krish says:

    That’s a rough question and one that many people ask. Generally speaking earning money is something that most people want, and the amount of effort always depends on the task at hand. If you become highly educated and an expert in your area you can expect to expend much less effort — but it often takes effort to get there!

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