New ideas on careers

Graduate Education, a smart idea?

What career guidance or career advice would you give to somebody that really hasn’t a clue as to what career they would like to pursue?¬† Education and Career Guidance, do they go hand in hand?¬† What importance those education and academic qualifications go toward career guidance and a candidate’s career progression? The student who hasn’tContinue Reading

The Impact of Career Advice Towards Home Based Business

Several aspiring businessmen nowadays are trying their best to excel in the marketing world. Some of them have even managed to obtain a business degree even though they have already acquired a certain degree from college. They are thinking that it is the most sufficient way for them to become successful in life. However studiesContinue Reading

Career Advice for College Freshman

Once upon a time, college freshmen arrived on campus excited to meet their roommates, cheer on their football teams, and attend a frat party or two. Not anymore. Today’s freshmen are heading straight for the career center. According to the AP story “Colleges: Freshmen looking for career advice now” by Kathy Matheson, campus career centersContinue Reading

Hot trend, cool job:  Core Banking Transformation

Hot trend, cool job: Core Banking Transformation

  Core banking transformation is focused on modernizing legacy processes and systems and enabling banks to deliver products and business capabilities with more agility and efficiency. Many banks struggle to deal with legacy and this is leading to a hot trend and some very cool roles related to banking transformation. ¬†Architects, project managers, developers andContinue Reading

Career Advice: Enlightened Decisions

Today’s pace and lifestyle demands success at every turn. This is possible only by constantly taking stock of your options at various points in life. Career advice is available quite readily to those who seek it. No matter what phase of career you might be in, whether you are just a fresher or someone lookingContinue Reading