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The Artistry of Michael Jordan Part 1 by Hoopsencyclopedia

HQ link: (High Quality version available for public download at The easiest compilation video to make is one of Michael Jordan. All you need to do is take 5 games from his career and you’ll have enough material for an entire news segment. The most difficult compilation video to make is one of Michael Jordan. If you take any 5 games from his career, you’ll have so much material you won’t know what to cut out. Therein lied the challenge of this edit for me. With the tons of MJ mixes out there, I wanted to do something more complete. I also wanted to focus on the aesthetics of his abilities. That led me to a path of picking not only classic clips, but rare ones and personal favorites. For those who didn’t grow up in the 80s before MJ became a champion, they can never know the full experience of what watching Jordan was like. Before all the awards, the statistics, the monster games, the titles and the global appeal, MJ was about his incredible moves. In the playground, people stuck their tongues out and tried to imitate his drives to the basket. Later on, people imitated his fadeaway. But his athletic moves were singular and his alone – awesome in aesthetics, control, spontaneity, improvisation, instinct and athleticism. MJ revolutionized the game with his individual exploits and we see bits and pieces of this in everyone today. From Kobe studying his shooting mechanics to create shots to Wade attacking the basket to Lebron

Michael Jordan Career Highlights (Hall of Fame 2009) HD

Position: Guard Birth Date: February 17, 1963 (age 46) Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Height: 6’6″ (2.0 m) Weight: 216 lbs. (97.85 kg) College: North Carolina Experience15 years Jersey: 23 All-Star Selections: 14 All-NBA Selections: 11 (10 1st-team) MVP Awards: 5 NBA Championships: 6 Michael Jordan is a Hall of Fame shooting guard who played in theContinue Reading

Jordan Eberle 1st career goal 10/7/10

Jordan Eberle undresses the Flames defense on the penalty kill for his first career NHL goal.