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Shaquille O’neal: The Real Superman – NBA Highlights

NBA Superstar Shaq Oneal Highlight Video featuring some of his most earth-shattering dunks and “Posters” throughout his NBA career. He is hands down, one of the best centers to ever enter the league. — He changed the game ( God Loves Ugly )

My Real Life Football “Career” – Part 2

Part 1 – Twitter: I didn’t want to say much about the fight for two reasons. 1. I was running out of time and 2. It really annoyed me because that’s probably the main reason I’m not playing football now. I hope you enjoyed this commentary. I got a lot of good feedbackContinue Reading

Real English Lesson 24b – “Job” for beginners-CC Double

The Lesson for this video begins at then click on “Execise 1″. This version of “What is your job?” is for real beginners: it contains only “is” and “are” with names of jobs. The intermediate version including “What do you do?” is here: