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coming this summer; more jobs, more pay

coming this summer; more jobs, more pay

This Week in Horror – Final Girl

Surviving a horror film is not an easy feat, but surviving multiple horror franchises is something few actresses have accomplished. This weeks guest has taken on two incarnations of Michael Myers, survived the Hatchet of Victor Crowley and will soon take on the blade of Chrome Skull, but will our ultimate ‘Final Girl’, Danielle Harris,Continue Reading

This Week in Mobile – Steve Jobs ranting, Angry Birds, Rover 4G

Steve Jobs ranting kicks off today’s episode of This Week in Mobile. We also discuss the Angry Bird app, Verizon’s new data plan, and give you an exclusive sneak peak at the new Rover 4G hotspot. Our mobile mods and merch this week includes new iPhone and iPad accessories, and Mike reviews our game ofContinue Reading

This Week in Careers – Eli Holzman, Executive producer of Undercover Boss

In the premiere episode of this week in careers Lisa Johnson Mandell begins her quest to save America one job at a time with an inside look at the hidden potential of working at Trader Joe’s. We then take a peak behind the job curtain with the executive producer of Undercover Boss, Eli Holzman whoContinue Reading